Board of Education Advisory Committees


Citizens Advisory Committee on Family Life and Human Development
Reviews instructional materials proposed for the MCPS Family Life and Human Development Program.
    Susan Young


Ethics Panel

Among the panel's responsibilities are:

  1. interpreting the Board of Education's Ethics Policy and issuing advisory opinions concerning its application;
  2. conducting hearings on any complaint filed regarding an alleged violation;
  3. approving financial disclosure forms; and
  4. directing the implementation of an educational program to inform school system employees and the public about the policy

Family Life and Human Development Advisory Committee

The 15-member committee works to review draft revisions or additions to the curriculum on family life and human development developed by the educators and the materials of instruction evaluated by education staff and provide its comments and recommendations on the curriculum and on the instructional materials to the superintendent and, through the superintendent, to the Board of Education, in a final report.

Collaboration Board for Career and Technology Education

The 13-member committee advises the Board of Education and the Board of Trustees of Montgomery College on: (1) the distribution of career and technical education funds; (2) county career and technology education program accountability reports; (3) county job needs; and (4) the adequacy of career and technology education programs.

Special Education Continuous Improvement Advisory Committee

This committee is to provide guidance to the Board of Education and the superintendent of schools in three specific areas: (1) the continued identification of measurable indicators, desired outcomes, and key performance benchmarks of special education program equity and effectiveness; (2) the development of guidelines for the dissemination of these identified measures countywide and their fusion in all school improvement plans; and (3) the identification and fostering the use of best practices throughout the Department of Special Education.

Persons interested in serving on these committees when openings are available should contact the MCCPTA president.

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