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Dues to Council, State and National

Dues for 2012-2013 are as follows:

  • Council: $1.00 per member
  • State and National: $3.75 per member

MCCPTA dues ($1.00 per member) are payable to the MCCPTA Treasurer monthly.  Checks should be made payable to MCCPTA and sent to the MCCPTA office.  State and National dues ($1.50 State and $2.25 National per member) are payable to the State PTA Office monthly. A monthly invoice is mailed to each PTA.  Both State and National dues must be combined and paid by check made out to the Maryland PTA and sent to the Baltimore address below.

The form for MCCPTA dues follows:   Dues Voucher Form

Maryland PTA
5 Central Avenue
Glen Burnie  MD 21061

Teresa Willis, Office Administrator

Fax: 410-760-6344
(Contact the State PTA office for membership envelopes and cards, publications and state and national Lifetime Membership Awards.)

National PTA
541 N Fairbanks Court, Suite 1300 
Chicago,  Illinois 60611
 Fax: 312-670-6783

Council bills each local only for council dues. State PTA bills locals for State and National dues.

Print the Dues Voucher Form to send in with your dues payment.

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